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Review of “STELLA – Her Journey & Her Legacy”

Most chronicled accounts of people’s lives are more hagiographical than they are biographical, lionizing the individual to a degree of fulfillment a few odd strides short of sainthood; this book on the other hand gives a more humanizing reference to a life well lived. The six-section affair that is Antoinette-Rita’s biography of The Late First […]

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Book Review of “STELLA – Her Journey & Her Legacy”

Book Name: STELLA: Her Journey & Her Legacy By: Antoinette-Rita Foreword by: Jaki Shelton Green Published in: London, England Published by: Books with A Mission (Sophos Books is an imprint of Books With A Mission) Publishing Year: 2015 ISBN: 978-1-905669-55-4 Number of Pages: 176 Review by Yinka S. Kareem, B.A in Theatre Arts Antoinette-Rita’s previous […]

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